We believe that relationships are the foundation on which a successful business is built. We are happy to record that 65% of our turnover is through work from repeat Clients.

Ask our Clients why they choose to work with SEWEPL time after time and one gets a number of reasons:

Emphasis on excellence
Mastery over new technologies
Unwavering dedication to deadlines
Insistence on working with top-grade materials only
Qualified and committed team of engineers
High-quality workmanship
Exceptional team spirit
Excellent reputation - in over five decades of operation, we have never been involved in a single case of arbitration/legal proceedings.

As vital as the Company-Client equation are the intra-Company relationships between management and employees and inter-department dynamics. A company is only as strong as its corporate fabric. A healthy corporate culture contributes greatly to success. Where there is an uncompromising foundation of values and ethics, success is bound to follow.

At SEWEPL, we have a deep respect for our people and an abiding belief that they too should have the opportunity to pursue their individual goals within the larger framework of attaining targets the Company sets for itself.

Regular training programmes, seminars and workshops help our people to hone their skills and shine. We encourage a strong two-way relationship between the employer and employee, this results in enduring bonds and near-zero attrition rates.